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CRM with database

Manage relationships with your customers

Tanzanit is a CRM system designed primarily for pharmaceutical companies. It's a system you'll understand and love with ease and intuitive use.

The system has a number of functionalities for better organization of work, but also its analysis. There can be found: activity calendar, validated database of doctors and healthcare professionals, module multimedia, records of samples and promotional materials, overviews of realized visits, targeting clients, more than 20 different BI reports.

Available for platforms: iOS, Android, Windows



In Tanzanit, product presentations are always available in one place. You can present products as a video, PPT presentation, or a PDF document.

The product presentation is recorded automatically to customers visit.



Targeting in our system is not just a registration of the distribution of clients and the setting of goals according to predetermined criteria. Targeting in Tanzanit is a piece of artificial intelligence that will tell the representative when planning visits, whose client needs to be visited due to prolonged non-visitation or, for example, geographical proximity.

Tanzanit remembers which clients are valuable to you and reminds you.


BI reports

Tanzanit is also a valuable system for managers. More than 20 different BI reports that analyze and evaluate the collected data.

It offers clear dashboards that are available at any time so you can make quick and correct decisions. Just the way you need it.

The system is modular and you can also add the following parts: ride book, expenses, coaching in the questionnaire form, contract management, e-mail management for HCP, collection of consents, display of IMS sales data directly in CRM, automatic order proposals, transfer orders to pharmacies.

Want to know more?



Our system provides way for the manager to check the readiness and knowledge of the medical representative.

Questions are defined by the manager and can be selected from several types of questions. The test can be automatically evaluated after completion.


Contract management

This module allows you to prepare your own contract templates, set them up, automatically can be filled in by people from the database and, after signing them, internal processing.

In Tanzanit, all contracts are clearly available in one place and at any time.


E-mail management

In the time of home offices and when you need to communicate with clients electronically, this module will definitely come in handy. Send everything you need easily directly from your mailbox.

Product documents prepared for medical representatives in our system can be easily sent individually by e-mail.


Automatic order suggestions

The system generates and automatically distributes order suggestions based on your targeting to the pharmacy.

The draft order can be amended, agreed and ordered by the pharmacy.