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Bratislava / Registered office – SR

Komárovská 62

821 06 Bratislava

Slovak Republic

+421 917 565 363


KaratNet Slovakia s.r.o.

Vrakunská 37

821 06 Bratislava

Slovak Republic

ID: 44064268

TAX/VAT ID: SK2022564159

IBAN: SK93 0200 0000 0031 5270 9151

The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the City Court Bratislava III, Section: Ltd., Insert No.: 51316/B

Žilina / Call Center

Kuzmányho 8

010 01 Žilina

Slovak Republic

+421 2 22 111 801


KaratNet Call s.r.o.

Kuzmányho 8

010 01 Žilina

Slovak Republic

ID: 48062839

TAX/VAT ID: SK2120036292

IBAN: SK33 0900 0000 0050 6795 8603

The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Žilina, Section: Ltd., Insert No.: 63407/L

Praha / Registered office – ČR

Na Hutmance 1045/7e

158 00 Praha 5

Czech Republic

+420 736 410 988


KaratNet s.r.o.

Na Hutmance 1045/7e

158 00 Praha 5

Czech Republic

ID: 01718321

VAT ID: CZ01718321

IBAN: CZ11 5500 0000 0075 3893 1001

The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the Municipal Court in Prague, Section: C, Insert No. 210609

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Transfer orders

Order quickly, with an overview

Transfer orders allow a company representative to execute direct orders in a pharmacy through a selected distributor.

The application works independently, but you can also use it within the CRM system. It is user friendly and intuitive. The numbers are visualized in graphs and tables for better orientation and a faster decision-making process during the sale.

Available for platforms: iOS, Android, Windows

Why choose our solution


The application also works offline, so the order can be placed anytime and anywhere. The system automatically processes orders, displays their status, in case the order is not covered the reason is displayed.


We are not connected via PharmINFO, but directly to distributors, so we can set up your campaigns in a targeted manner in agreement with distributors. We can also set what is not possible with the competition.


The application allows you to track goods that are unavailable when placing an order. The tracking eye checks the stock of goods for you and allows you to cover the order later, when the goods are available again.


One order can be delivered in several deliveries, while the dates of deliveries can be defined in advance.


When placing an order, you see the product stocks in the individual distribution warehouses.


The system allows you to set different types of compensations, whether rebates or percentages. Always have compensations under control!


The application allows you to set up multiple sales campaigns at the same time and set conditions for different chains or pharmacies.


The application includes a validated database of pharmacies. Our call center carefully checks the records so that the database is available and updated every day.


The application can also display historical sales of a specific pharmacy. The sales trend, visible directly on the screen when placing an order, facilitates and assists in the decision-making process.


The application is used by dozens of satisfied customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our customers send thousands of transfer orders daily directly to selected distributors.